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Sunday, December 6, 2015

5 Must-Do Things to Prepare Yourself for the New Year!

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Before you rush to next holiday take some time for yourself!


5 things to do before the year ends to ready yourself for the new year:


  1. Rejoice.  Rejoice that you are stronger because of the experiences of the past year that have shaped you. 
  2. Reflect.  Reflect on the memories of 2015 and how they will linger with you through time.
  3. Respect.  Respect the moments of courage to do the hard stuff,  to be the rock or to learn something new.
  4. Reset.  Reset your expectations and start off the new year without the pressure.
  5. Renew.  Promise yourself time to relax and renew, schedule those massages or dates with loved ones. 
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